It's Your Wedding

Let Me Show You How to Have the Wedding You Want Not the One "They" Want.

You just get engaged. You are floating on cloud 9, dreaming and fantasizing about your beautiful wedding. You expect everyone to be as thrilled as you are.

Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, your Mom pipes in with her vision and it doesn't quite meet yours. Your fiancées mom has a thought or two on how your wedding should/could be done. And while you may be head over heels for her son you really want your wedding to be yours and your fear of hurting everyone's feelings stands in your way and now you don't know how to clearly and effectively get "them" to stop and listen. After all it is your wedding.

So Many Details, Lot's of Opinions and Pressure

Money, budgets, decisions and everyone has an opinion. Where do you go? How do you keep it all straight? And more importantly no one seems to understand or care that this is your wedding and you want to have your wedding your way. You find yourself screaming into your pillow at night in frustration and angst. A time that is supposed to be so filled with joy seems to feel like a big overwhelming mess. Why doesn't anyone understand you? Why don't they just want you to be happy? What is going on?

I Can Help

Learn how you can take charge of your wedding and maintain your peace of mind. I will coach you on how to be in joy throughout this journey as you learn to communicate and share your ideas and feelings with the most important people in your life. I will help you become present for your wedding day so that you can say "I Do" to the love of your life from a place of calm and happiness.

We can discuss strategies to help you walk away from the triggers that are making you crazy. In addition, we can also use this time to discuss your ideas for your wedding and the best way to execute them. Whatever you want, I am here to help you through the process and teach you how to watch the rollercoaster of emotions without having to necessarily jump on board.

This is your wedding. Learn how you can be "in joy" during the process. Let's get started! Click here, now to set up your private session and get the Wedding you want!