Client Interview with Julia Hewitt

Please take a moment to read this before hiring us.

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you become an Event Producer/Party Planner?

I have been an event planner for a little over 21 years. I actually started planning events by accident. Prior to my first child being born I had a high paying job as an import/export manager at a large pharmaceutical firm. But once I gave birth I knew that it was important for me to raise my child. After the "new mommy" panic wore off I became bored and boring. Going from a full time corporate position to watching Sesame Street and Barney was a huge change.

After some gentle nudging one of my friends got me involved in charity work for Hadassah. On a whim I volunteered to produce the areas largest fundraiser, a gala fashion show. It was a large event (over 500 attendees) and I had never planned anything bigger than my own wedding. I was scared and excited at the same time. It was a HUGE success and I loved every minute of it!

A few years later when my husband moved us from NY to California I joined one of Hadassah's LA chapters. I immediately jumped in and started doing what I do, producing events in LA. Shortly thereafter the start up school my children attended approached me and asked me to take over and establish their fundraising and event planning efforts.

During our first annual gala one of the parents asked me to plan a personal event for her family. Word of mouth from this party had me launch my own event production company. It terrified me at first to plan private parties. However, I quickly learned that I was really, really good at planning weddings, Mitzvahs and parties. My events seemed to have an energy that kept people engaged and on the dance floor all night.

Offering you a stress free, dream wedding day or an out of the box Mitzvah is my passion. I love it. Nothing gives me greater joy and fulfillment than when you are calm, happy and present at your party, wedding or Mitzvah. I thrive on your joy, trust and faith. I am excited and feel honored to help you create and celebrate your most important memories.

Will I lose control of my own wedding or Mitzvah if you are planning it for me?

Absolutely not. I am here to be of service with help, guidance, knowledge and support. My role is to help you see beyond what you know and explore options and possibilities. I am here to keep you calm and focused, lend an ear when necessary and hold your hand if that is what you want. It is always your event. Taking care of you and supporting you in this journey is my gift to you.

We love your planning services. Everything sounds great. Can you tell me what sets you apart from all the other planners?

Eventures is a full service, full time event production company. I do not have another day job, except of course being a Mom and wife. I am here to listen to your concerns offer support as a coach and guide you throughout this journey. I will return your calls, emails and texts in a timely manner. You and your event are so important to me and for this reason I contract a limited number of events per year.

I like to match my clients with vendors that are the right fit; so each vendor you work with has to match your personality, budget and planning needs. This is your day and this process is about you. My goal is to put you first at every opportunity.

I am honest, integral and shoot from the hip. I will help you think of things you didn't even know you could think of- but I also understand budgets and how important it is to keep you grounded. I am here for you to confide in and I will always offer support, feedback and love when needed.

This all sounds so wonderful. But, it also seems expensive. Are we going to be able to afford all this?

I have read that it takes the average person roughly 400 hours to plan their own wedding or Bar/Bat Mitzvah. And I have seen first hand how uncomfortable and stressed this person ends up being on the day of. Planning this big day is a huge time commitment and it can leave you feeling anxious and unsettled. I have had many clients tell me how grateful they were to have a planner for the mere fact that everything felt so easy and relaxing. I get thanked all the time for helping them save money, energy and time.

I have also had dozens of people, who thought I was too expensive, come back after their event unhappy because they ended up spending 3-4 times more than they would have needed to all because they didn't really know what they were doing. I have also had people call to let me know they should have gone with me because the vendors they chose were not reliable and their event did not start on time. This makes me sad. I am really here to help you spend your money wisely and with purpose.

Who do you work best with?

You will benefit from my services if you want to arrive to your event refreshed, relaxed and stress free. Additionally if you are a busy person who has anxiety, worry and fear around their wedding, Mitzvah or event then I am your planner. You will also love working with me if you want your wedding, Mitzvah or event to be unique, creative and customized for you. Furthermore, if you do not have the time to devote 400+ hours to your event or are afraid you don't know where to go or where to start then give me a call as I have years of experience, knowledge and many connections to the most fabulous vendors. Even if you do know what you want you will still benefit from my service as we will work together to bring your event to life.

Who is not going to benefit from my help?

I love helping my client's turn their dreams into reality and I am passionate about the events I work on or I would be in a different business. However, we have to be a right match if we are going to work together on this special occasion. So if you don't understand the value of having an amazing planner, then we will not be a good fit. Maybe you need to think about what you want from this experience before we get started, otherwise I won't be able to help you in the best way possible. Oftentimes I find a lot of people have a hard time justifying using a planner because they do not think they are worth this type of investment; so you must be able to receive the gifts I can offer you if this is going to work.

Will you work the vendors I've already found or people I really want to work with?

Of course. I am always on the lookout for new talent and if I think your vendors are the best for the job then let's get to it and start creating. But, just so you know some of the best and brightest vendors in the industry are part of my team and they are amazing and can do whatever it is that you may want or desire.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely. And everyone on my team has there own liability insurance as well. We have never needed it but it is just one more step that will help us help you feel protected and cared for.

This sounds like everything we've been looking for. What happens next to start the planning process?

Thank you! I am very excited to meet you and get to work. The first thing I suggest is for you to call 818 673 2961 or email me: to set up your complimentary consultation so that we can discuss your vision and wish-list for this day or event.

Do you take more than one event per day?

I am a boutique company and try to take a limited number of events per year. However, if more than one event does want to book our services for the same day, I am personally present at the person who hired me first and one of my colleagues, who has been trained by me will run the second event. But this is a rare occurrence.

May we contact some of your former clients?

I am more than happy to connect you with some of my past clients so that you may speak with them directly.

We have a couple more questions before getting started...can I call you to discuss this further?

Yes. I would love that. I am here to be of service to you in any way possible so please feel free to call me at 818 673 2961 or email me to discuss your event.

I can't wait to meet you and start working on your wedding, Mitzvah or special celebration.

Grace, Gratitude and Happy Planning